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'''Élisée Reclus''' (; 15 March 1830 – 4 July 1905), also known as '''Jacques Élisée Reclus''', was a renowned French people|French geographer, writer and anarchist. He produced his 19-volume masterwork ''La Nouvelle Géographie universelle, la terre et les hommes'' ("Universal Geography"), over a period of nearly 20 years (1875–1894). In 1892 he was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of the Société de Géographie|Paris Geographical Society for this work, despite his having been banished from France because of his political activism.
Birth date15 March 1830
Death date{{death date and age|1905|7|4|1830|3|15|df=y}}
OccupationGeographer, anarchist revolutionary, and writer
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